Established in 2015, The 3rd Place in downtown Wilmington was “your neighborhood living room”. For local Delaware residents, it served as a cafe, lounge, art gallery, music venue, and quiet area to drink hot beverages or get some work done in a relaxing setting. Think Central Perk or Luke’s if they were more diverse, less nineties, and more community-focused.
The brand aesthetic was aiming for nostalgia, influenced by mid-century cafes and gathering spaces. The color palette evokes a coffee shop with its warm browns and cream, balanced by the cool pop of retro sea foam teal. These colors were also incorporated into the shop’s furnishings and decor.
The customized Forque font and Lobster typeface were also selected as throwbacks to a 1950’s kitchen without treading into kitsch territory.
Forque (customized), Lobster, Brandon Grotesque
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