From 2017 through 2019 I helped introduce and incorporate new visual elements into Fontspring’s branding including updated color schemes, logos, brand mascot, iconography, illustrations, and swag. You’ll find them all right here.
I deepened the core color palette to give it more energy and life. The existing blues within the Fontspring brand were a bit drab so I added some richer tones along with some brighter blues. In addition, I introduced a secondary/accent palette that would make content and graphics stand out against the subtle blue tones. 
I also conceptualized and designed the first ever official Fontspring mascot: a fox named Dash. I’m sure you must be familiar with his work. The notorious brown fox who jumped over the lazy dog? That’s him.
My illustrations also made their way throughout the rest of the Fontspring brand experience, including iconography, pictograms, infographics, stationery, and customer rewards.
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